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    Wednesday, August 27, 2008

    I feel loved or I could just be a bitch

    So the bf came back from cancun a week ago and we're on better terms about it. he didnt get me a souvenir from there that punk ass but he did buy me stuff when he was down in dallas. he also bought a phone card so he could call me every night to tell me good night and stuff. sweet huh? but i was still bummed i couldnt be there. oh wells.. he bought me this cute zebra print top from express and bought me stuff from MAC and the body shop. --side note: im in LOVE with zebra print-- i didnt take any pics of the stuff he bought me cause ive been lazy. i still give him shit bout cancun every now and then so its all good. and just the other day he told me he's gonna take me to vegas next summer whoo hoo! im hella excited cause ive always wanted to go to vegas =) im gonna be like cameron diaz in the movie what happens in vegas ahaha not. but i love that movie, so damn hilarious. if you havent seen it yet go rent it or buy it cause i know its out on dvd.

    Anyways the bitch is still a bitch but she's trying her hardest to be friends with me? idk what to do. the bf keeps begging me to be on better terms w/ her and i feel like i can do that at my own pace. and i may seem like a bitch for this but i like having the upper hand cause it feels good! she gave a wedding invitation to the bf so he could give to me and she even text me bout going to her wedding. should i? the bf is part of the wedding as an usher and he really wants me to go and blah blah blah.. she keeps texting me these long texts bout how she's truly sorry and whatnot and that she was in the wrong. i gave it some thought but i will never forget what she said. ugh blahhhh.

    School started last thursday and as usual my classes are boring but hopefully all this hardwork will pay off and get me into pharmacy school then when im a pharmacist i can spoil myself with whatever i want. heck yeah. after classes i went and checked out MAC's new collections, Cult of Cherry and Overrich. i didnt like anything from the Cult of Cherry collection it was just like blah to me.. but i fell in love with the Overrich pigments they were soo pretty I ended up getting blonde's gold and copperbeam freaking gorgeous! i wanna go back and get heritage rouge and mauvement cause i swatched them and i love em but the bf limit me to only two how gay but ill go back soon. heres my pic of the pigments


    on another note.. i got my camera back yes! they finally got it fixed but those geeks at best buy had it for like a whole freaking month. jeez. has anyone ever heard of katie b cosmetics? i heard bout her thru my cousins gf bout two yrs ago. she has her own line of makeup and its really nice. my fav is her faux lash mascara. i totally swear by it and in blogger terms its my holy grail. i also like her fake eyelashes they're a must have. lets see.. i dyed my hair blonde. i actually got blonde highlights and dyed the bottom half of my hair dark brown. i love it. i went to a new salon called danny jimenez and this girl lauren did it for me and she did a wonderful job. i keep forgetting to take pics of it so ill do that sometime. my anni with the bf is next tuesday we'll be together for three freaking years. time flies by too damn fast. ill probably get him HID's for his car, who knows..


    1 comment:

    xppinkx said...

    what a douche....
    yeah i think you should still go on your own pace with that bitch...tready with caution! those kinda chicks you have to sleep with one eye open before they try to stab your other eye closed

    it's nice that your BF gets you bf would get me a stick and tell me to burn the end so i can have khol eyeliner...dick

    good luck with pharmacy!!! easy 100,000 g's when you work!