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    Sunday, August 17, 2008

    I say goodbye, you say hello..

    My babe kimmi is leaving for college tomorrow =(. Ive known this girl since i was six or seven and she was four or five. Now she's all grown up and she's leaving me for richmond, va! Im gonna miss her but ill go over there and visit maybe this thanksgiving. The other week we went out to eat and just talked for the longest time cause idk when ill see her again. But i know she'll do well in school and make me proud =D.


    Best of wishes. xoxo


    Angie said...

    Yay, you've finally posted again. It's been 2 weeks, babe, :P. I kept coming back to check. Anyways, cute dress!!

    xoshellie said...

    Angie!: hey sweetie. sorry for making you keep coming back and checking to see if i've updated or not. i think my life is boring so sometimes i feel as if i don't need to update but i do appreciate you reading my blog =) xo