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    Saturday, July 25, 2009

    Nu Nu Doll's Giveaway

    The gorgeous NuNu, who is such a sweet and nice girl, is having a giveaway! I love reading her blog cause I can relate to her in some ways. =) Go join her giveaway!

    On another note i'll post my DSK Lux bracelets and my customized jewelry later today or tomorrow. =)

    xoxo shellie

    Tuesday, July 21, 2009

    My DSK Collection... So Far!

    I just wanted to post a picture of my DSK Jewelry collection that i started in the middle of june. I'll go in order from left to right and from top to bottom and name what each piece of jewelry is. I know a lot of girls have done videos over this but im self conscience about how i would sound like on a video haha yeah i know i sound lame..

    First row from left to right
    +// The sterling & swarovski double starfish in light amethyst and burgundy was my very first necklace and i love it! $25
    +// The DSK Signature Swarovski 18mm Heart Crystal Necklace in Amethyst $35 -btw i LOVE amethyst b/c its purple AND its my birthstone =)
    +// The Sterling Lariat Rose -a piece made by DSK and J. Doll $40

    Second row
    +// DSK Swarovski Starfish Sterling Silver Cell Phone Charms in Clear AB $12 -i have one in amethyst too but i cant find it right now =(
    +// I got this necklace today! Thanks STEPHANIE!!! Love you babes! The first DSK Piece for Blogspot in 2008 16"Italian Sterling Silver Necklace Swarovski Starfish Golden Shadow Swarovski Light Amethyst Moon $35
    +// Sterling Silver & Swarovski 10mm Heart Crystals in Moonlight $25 -this is another one of my faves and i always pair it with my ring the bf gave to me as a "just because" present <3

    Third row
    +// Checkerboard Earrings $12 - i dont remember what color this is
    +// DSK Pearls and Bows Earrings $15 -another one of my faves! its sooo cute!
    +// Checkerboard Earrings in Jet Black $15 -i wear this on the weekends when i go out

    So.. thats it for now haha i had another necklace but that one broke. anyways im getting more jewelry in and i cant wait for them! they're from the DSK Lux Line and every piece is gorgeous!!! i'm totally ADDICTED!!! Check her out! she's the sweetest person ever!!! DSKJEWELRY.BLOGSPOT.COM <3

    Oh and notesfromthetoothfairy is having a giveaway and she's giving away a Gucci Cosmetic Bag so go join her giveaway =)

    xoxo shellie

    Sunday, July 19, 2009

    Lashes and EOTD

    Staying in on a saturday night every now and then with the bf feels nice =) I went to go see Public Enemies with the bf friday night and that movie was horrible! it was way too slow-paced for me and i wouldnt recommend it to anyone. the only reason why we saw that was b/c the hangover was sold out! can you believe it? i guess we werent the only ones who havent seen it yet. we might try to go see it tomorrow or wait til next weekend...

    My brain is tired! i studied all day today for microbiology cause i have a quiz/test wednesday. i hope i do well! oh right now in class we're learning about viruses and diseases and whatnot and i learned that the medication acyclovir is used to treat cold sores! omg i work in a pharmacy and i didnt even know that! so now when i fill a prescription for acyclovir im gonna be like omg stay away from that person... hahaha

    Here's an EOTD that i wore on thursday.. i like how it turned out haha i used MAC's mineralize eyeshadow in Odd Couple and its one of my faves!

    My dad and brother came home from vietnam wednesday night and my lovely cousin, phuong, sent me some lashes! and OMG they're soooo pretty!

    that seems like a lot right? well numbers 5 and 22 she sent me like three sheets each! i miss her! idk when ill be back again.. so, she told me that each sheet is 30,000 in vietnamese currency and if you convert the currency to USD, 30,000 equals $2 so if you do the math correctly that means each pair is only 20 cents! can you believe that? crazy!!! i used one of them today and i loves it!

    here im wearing lashes #22 and they're half lashes which is cool and i love them! and can you see my DSK necklace? loves it! can't wait til my next order comes in!

    Im watching nip/tuck while blogging and this show is hilarious... it makes me wanna get a boob job hahaha. good night loves! <3

    xoxo shellie

    Wednesday, July 15, 2009

    grrr i had to delete my other blog

    So i had to delete my other blog cause i had like two google accounts and it was getting confusing.. the only thing i was able to do was import my old posts.. but i couldnt use my old url. i had to make a new one! gay! i miss the xoshellie but xoshellieee works for me. so now im gonna go follow everyone again yayyy haha

    Friday, July 10, 2009

    DSK is Having a Giveway!

    The lovely Stephanie of DSK Jewelry is having her third giveaway! She's giving away 2 necklaces and a bracelet! So go and join her giveaway! Click the link to go to her page and look at the goodies. I'm gonna post her rules for you guys to see and it's easy!

    Taken from DSK Jewelry!

    Rules for Giveaway..

    1. Be a full on DSK follower

    2. Mention my 3rd Giveaway randomly & anywhere, blog, youtube, facebook, so more ladies and
    gents get a chance to see what DSK Giveaways are all about!

    3. Leave a comment in this post: "I Love DSK"
    & Leave me your name & email

    4. Good Luck!

    I absolutely love love love her jewelry! I have five necklaces and three pairs of earrings from her and they are absolutely gorgeous! I need to post pics of them asap. What are you waiting for?? Go visit her site!!!

    +//here are my pics of her lovely jewelry.. i just wish i could capture how it dazzles =)

    xoxo Shellie

    Saturday, July 4, 2009

    Oh no..

    I'm so sad... I was holding my brother and he reached for my beautiful DSK necklace and broke it =( I have been wearing it everyday making the bf's necklace jealous! Haha man... it was my favorite necklace of the three that I have. I'll just have to wait til Steph's next order day and buy another one..



    +// too cute for words.. like i said, can't get mad at that face <3