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    Tuesday, July 21, 2009

    My DSK Collection... So Far!

    I just wanted to post a picture of my DSK Jewelry collection that i started in the middle of june. I'll go in order from left to right and from top to bottom and name what each piece of jewelry is. I know a lot of girls have done videos over this but im self conscience about how i would sound like on a video haha yeah i know i sound lame..

    First row from left to right
    +// The sterling & swarovski double starfish in light amethyst and burgundy was my very first necklace and i love it! $25
    +// The DSK Signature Swarovski 18mm Heart Crystal Necklace in Amethyst $35 -btw i LOVE amethyst b/c its purple AND its my birthstone =)
    +// The Sterling Lariat Rose -a piece made by DSK and J. Doll $40

    Second row
    +// DSK Swarovski Starfish Sterling Silver Cell Phone Charms in Clear AB $12 -i have one in amethyst too but i cant find it right now =(
    +// I got this necklace today! Thanks STEPHANIE!!! Love you babes! The first DSK Piece for Blogspot in 2008 16"Italian Sterling Silver Necklace Swarovski Starfish Golden Shadow Swarovski Light Amethyst Moon $35
    +// Sterling Silver & Swarovski 10mm Heart Crystals in Moonlight $25 -this is another one of my faves and i always pair it with my ring the bf gave to me as a "just because" present <3

    Third row
    +// Checkerboard Earrings $12 - i dont remember what color this is
    +// DSK Pearls and Bows Earrings $15 -another one of my faves! its sooo cute!
    +// Checkerboard Earrings in Jet Black $15 -i wear this on the weekends when i go out

    So.. thats it for now haha i had another necklace but that one broke. anyways im getting more jewelry in and i cant wait for them! they're from the DSK Lux Line and every piece is gorgeous!!! i'm totally ADDICTED!!! Check her out! she's the sweetest person ever!!! DSKJEWELRY.BLOGSPOT.COM <3

    Oh and notesfromthetoothfairy is having a giveaway and she's giving away a Gucci Cosmetic Bag so go join her giveaway =)

    xoxo shellie


    Dana Yoshimizu said...

    oOo it seems like you're just as addicted to DSK as I am! :D I love the collection

    Ares G. said...

    I would buy some DSK but I dont wear jewlery. They are very pretty though.

    abby said...

    wow great dsk collection. i should get myself some!

    hollyannaeree said...

    damnnnn thats a lot of stuff!

    Pop Champagne said...

    wow so much DSK!! Everything is soo shiny ^^ I'm still waiting patiently for mine to come in the mail!

    Kellie said...

    I love your DSK collection!! mine is growing too!! darn steph for tempting me with all her new designs, HAHA!!

    Roxy said...

    love your collection! i so want DSK jewelry but i'm so broke right now! haha and get angel! i loooove it! i bought it because its kim kardashians fave LOLLLL