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    Thursday, January 21, 2010

    Work Out to Make Out

    I just wanna blog real quick before i go to work! So my 2010 new year's resolution is to start working out and get my body toned and looking good! isnt that what everyone wants?! i have been saying that i would start working out every year but then i get lazy and never go! its kind a hard to start working out if i dont get my lazy butt outta the house. this year i got fed up with myself always saying that i'll start working out but never started! sooo finally! a couple weeks ago i actually went and got a gym membership! yayyy me! i started working out on the tenth and have been ever since! im actually proud of myself but man oh man it is hard work! i have been incredibly sore lately and it sucks! i dont work out everyday though, with school and work i have two rest days. what's nice is that im also working out with two of my babes and it just makes the work out a lot more fun that way and if i ever get lazy i have them to get on my ass about it! another plus is that our boyfriends work out too so we go to the gym together sometimes and its always fun but the girls do their thing and the guys do their thing. cause let me tell you, i worked out with michael once and OMG his workout was harder than the workouts i've been doing with my girls and of course guys work out differently AND harder compared to girls but whatever as long as i get my abs that ive been wanting since forever haha. after i get my routine down ill post about what kinda work outs i do and what body parts i work out. im actually gonna go work out tonight after i get off work and we're gonna be working out our abs and backs today! talk to you babes later <3


    Friday, January 8, 2010


    Sooo if you guys follow me on twitter, you guys know that my beloved juicy couture purse got ruined the other day *cries! I was at the bf's parents house and it was in the living room the whole time but i never noticed it or anything cause i think the back of the purse was facing me so when i picked it up to go home i didnt see it. well.... when i got home and put the purse down to find my phone i saw it! i immediately was just freaking out like none other and i know i didnt spill anything on it because before going to the bf's parents house i was at work and it was fine then. and of course no one said anything to me about it! i was extremely pissed off because this was my favorite purse! anyways.. the bf is getting me a new purse which is supposed to be my late christmas/early bday present and of course i told him what i wanted. i want a lv speedy 35 but i was debating between the monogram and the damier azur. well today on twitter stephie was talking bout getting a new purse to and she was debating between lv or gucci. so then i got onto the gucci website and now i want the joy medium boston bag. i cant make up my mind! i always wanted a lv because my older cousin loan has a ton of lv bags and i like all of them! but then my other cousin whose gf has gucci purses and i like her purses, so i always liked both but whenever i look at the purses online i always lean more towards lv. sighs i know i want the speedy 35 just cant decide on which design, the monogram i can wear all year long cause it goes with everything but the damier azur is perfect for spring and summer which isnt that far away. im so indecisive! maybe i can get both, one now and the other one later... help me pick anyone? haha

    Anyways.... I got philosophy's purity made simple facial cleanser a couple weeks ago when i was ordering presents and OMG it is absolutely amazing! I used to use the body shop's tea tree oil face wash but i saw fafinette's video over her skin care so i thought i would get it and try it out. i love it! its soft on my skin and makes my skin feel hydrated, so now i have a new favorite facewash thanks to fafinette =)

    My bday is a little over a month away! february 11 baby! im thinking of going to kansas city for my bday since there isnt anything to do where i live. i so wanna move! cali would be nice haha but idk yet.. oh! i might have a bday giveaway since for my last bday when i turned 21 i wasnt really on blogger much but now that im trying to blog more, i can have one. gonna get ready now before the bf comes, going on a dinner date!

    ♥ shellieee

    Sunday, January 3, 2010

    Bring It On!

    I haven't blogged for awhile! I'm on blogger here and there but never really to catch up on what's going on with you lovely ladies. Anyways, happy new years and a very belated merry christmas! haha i had a good chrstmas and a really fun new years. i hope you guys did also! 2010 is gonna be a good year for me, i can just feel it! 2010 bring it! i've been planning a lot for this year and i hope it all goes according to plan. i want to blog more this year definitely, i just hope i have time for it. anyways, i dont have much to say except that i'm happy to have met a lot of you girls through blogger, twitter, or youtube and im hoping to meet more lovely ladies this year! and with that said i'll leave this slideshow of pics from my nye =)

    xoxo shellie ♥