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    Thursday, July 31, 2008

    I love this bitch

    Happy birthday to my bitch Thuy!! I love her to death. She's always there for me no matter what and it's her birthday! We're gonna out and hang then this weekend we're gonna go eat at Sumo's which is so delish! Can't wait but too bad my camera is still in repair, gay! Here's the lovely skank.

    Tuesday, July 29, 2008

    This SUCKS BOOTY!!! -post has major profanity

    Ugh!!!!! I hate this shit. Why can't anyone see where I'm coming from or see my point of view. This is so damn stupid. Damn it girls why are we such bitches?? I know I can be a bitch but at least I don't talk shit and pull things out of my ass like they're true!! Who the hell goes around talking shit acting like they know me when they've only been with me a for a damn fucking day! Bitch act like she's the damn queen and everyone gotta be on her side and if you're not on her side then you're a fucking loser. Ain't that some stupid ass shit! Nobody has ever pissed me off so bad in my entire life. Ladies hear me out here. My bf and I have been together for almost three years. That's a fucking long time for me, and other people, but esp me. So his damn so called "bestfriend", who is a girl btw, has this bachelor/bachelorette party in cancun and I didn't wanna go b/c for some reason the bitch act like she could talk shit on me and get away with it! What the hell?? I don't really remember the exact story of what had happened but all I do remember is that the bf and I got into a fight and somehow the bitch got wind of it and steps in like it's her business! She starts texting the bf how selfish I am and how much of a kid I act like! Who the hell does she think she is to start calling me names when she doesn't even know me!!! She also called me fucking retarded and a bitch. Ok one, I'm not retarded b/c I'm not the one who is still with a guy I don't even love and then goes and marry him! Stupid bitch. And two, how am I a bitch when I actually care for my bf?!?! On top of that she starts saying shit like how my bf's parents don't like me and how his sisters don't like how he's going out with me. Bitch has never even talked to his parents ever so where the hell is she getting this nonsense from?! And his parents and sisters like me just fine, no scratch that they fucking love me!
    After all this bullshit and whatnot the damn bf STILL agreed to go to their damn bachelor/bachelorrette party in cancun. I mean I know that it's Cancun and all but how can he even go hang out with someone who talked so much shit on his own gf of almost three years?!?! Am I wrong to be mad and pissed and cussing?? If anyone thinks I'm in the wrong tell me so I can shut the fuck up, but if I'm right which I should be tell me! All of this just makes me wanna cry. Oh yeah everytime me and the bf talk bout this trip we argue, argue, argue and I end up in tears ='( I'm even crying just typing this...
    Ughhhh someone save me please! =(

    Friday, July 25, 2008

    Crazy Hott

    It's sooo hott where I live! It's been 100+ degrees every single day! I'm glad I went and bought a lot of shorts for summer otherwise I'd be stripping my clothes off in public! Haha I'm sooo not like that I just complain and wish it was fall but who doesn't enjoy summer. One of my best babes has a birthday coming up and I don't know what to get her. Maybe a MAC giftcard?? Hrmmmm...

    Anywhoo... I love the new MAC collections! I bought five Electro Flash e/s and two Sonic Chic blushes. From Electro Flash I bought Polar Opposites, Fresh Green Mix, Odd Couple, Sea & Sky, and Play on Plums. Then I got Love Joy and Nuance from Sonic Chic along with the 181 brush. The e/s are very pretty but I'm not sure if I want all of them anymore. I really like Polar Opposites but cause it's great for smoky eyes and Odd Couple is just a very nice mix. Even though green is my favorite color I don't know how to put on Fresh Green Mix and the same goes for Sea & Sky. While Play on Plums is just like ehh. Should I return those three e/s? I don't know what to do.. But I LOVE the blushes they're just delish! Here are pics..

    Anyways.. oh the movie The Dark Knight was awesome! If you haven't seen it yet then you should! I totally recommend it and Heath Ledger was just incredible in it. R.I.P. But Christian Bale was hott in it too haha. My camera started having problems which makes me mad because I had to give it to the geek squad in best buy to get it fixed. They told me it was gonna take up to two weeks! Ahhh!!! I can't wait that long and the sucky part is that I have bdays and other special events that I want my camera for. This sucks =( La di da... Night.

    xo shellie

    Tuesday, July 8, 2008

    Self Introduction

    Family calls me Michelle. Friends call me Shellie. You can call me beautiful! Lol =) I'm Vietnamese, not chinese, japanese or even laos. People think I'm every other ethnicity but Vietnamese. I'm in my twenties not my teens, I'm not in highschool anymore people! I grew up very sheltered so I'm hoping this blog will help me embrace something unique.

    My favorites are
    - the color G R E E N !
    - MAC
    - Ed Hardy
    - Coach
    - Juicy Couture
    - And lots more!

    My blog is just for me myself and I. And maybe for you =)

    xo shellie