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    Friday, August 1, 2008

    I'm allergic to Avon?! But Ed Hardy to the rescue

    Just great. My dear sweet mom likes Avon, so when she wanted me to place her next order I decided to add an eyeliner for myself. Well we got the order on Monday?... I think.. idk but the next day I used the eyeliner on my waterline the entire day. Then the next day which was Wednesday I woke up with my right eye all red! Ahhh I was freaking out like crazy cause I didn't know why my eye was hurting. So I didn't wear my contacts the whole day and my eye just kept watering and I couldn't do anything the whole day. Ughhhh good thing I got the day off from work or I would be freaking the fuck out. So I thought about it and the only thing that I did differently was use that damn Avon eyeliner! Which sucks cause I like the color but it gave me a red eye. gay. gay. gay! But anyways... since I was feeling down bout how my eye was hurting cause I mean I couldn't even open my eye. That's how bad it was.. My bf surprised me with SUNGLASSES!! And they just weren't any sunglasses they were Ed Hardy Sunglasses! They're gorgeous and I LOVE them! But I'm still upset with how he's going to cancun. But whatever!!! I got new sunglasses!!!! I absolutely HEART these glasses. There's rhinestones all over and then on the case there's a pic of a skull and flowers. That's just so me like girly but gangster at the same time haha. Here are the pics and there's none with me wearing the sungalsses cause I look like shit right now so maybe another day. I took these with my old camera since my new one is in repair. And the pics camera out pretty clear which surprises me.

    The front view

    The right side. Sooooooo lovely!

    The left side

    The case. Isn't it gorgeous?!?!

    The left side of the case. I love the skull! It's so me haha

    The right side

    I like the bulldog so gangstaaa

    All thanks to my num nutt who I'm still mad at but love at the same time. Damn boys!


    LadyJane said...

    I didn't know Ed Hardy makes sunglasses. Damn, I'm most likely gonna end up getting a pair.

    Angie said...

    Hi Shellie, first time here. I'm Viet too and I'm totally liking your style. So definitely bookmarking! ^-^ Omg, those Ed Hardy sunglasses are hot!! I love their tees but their jeans are way too flashy for me, lol. Your bf is so sweet, which made almost wish I can get red eyes to have a new pair of sunglasses too, hahah, almost. :P

    xoshellie said...

    Angie! Hey babes! thanks for the comment you're so sweet. oh gosh trust me you don't want get any red eyes haha. i think you're so pretty =) but you don't have a blog? too bad cause i wanna read bout you!

    EmBeVieT* said...

    cute sunglasses! how much are they?

    xppinkx said...

    hey shellie

    Soory to hear about your allergic sure your pretty eyes are back to normal...that's sooo sweet of your bf to buy you sunglasses!!!...fancy case!!!

    oh wait he is the guy that didn't back you up! everything cleared in that whole situation???...
    what are you gunna do when he is in cancun?...i say you party with your girls and breathe a sigh of relief....