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    Friday, January 8, 2010


    Sooo if you guys follow me on twitter, you guys know that my beloved juicy couture purse got ruined the other day *cries! I was at the bf's parents house and it was in the living room the whole time but i never noticed it or anything cause i think the back of the purse was facing me so when i picked it up to go home i didnt see it. well.... when i got home and put the purse down to find my phone i saw it! i immediately was just freaking out like none other and i know i didnt spill anything on it because before going to the bf's parents house i was at work and it was fine then. and of course no one said anything to me about it! i was extremely pissed off because this was my favorite purse! anyways.. the bf is getting me a new purse which is supposed to be my late christmas/early bday present and of course i told him what i wanted. i want a lv speedy 35 but i was debating between the monogram and the damier azur. well today on twitter stephie was talking bout getting a new purse to and she was debating between lv or gucci. so then i got onto the gucci website and now i want the joy medium boston bag. i cant make up my mind! i always wanted a lv because my older cousin loan has a ton of lv bags and i like all of them! but then my other cousin whose gf has gucci purses and i like her purses, so i always liked both but whenever i look at the purses online i always lean more towards lv. sighs i know i want the speedy 35 just cant decide on which design, the monogram i can wear all year long cause it goes with everything but the damier azur is perfect for spring and summer which isnt that far away. im so indecisive! maybe i can get both, one now and the other one later... help me pick anyone? haha

    Anyways.... I got philosophy's purity made simple facial cleanser a couple weeks ago when i was ordering presents and OMG it is absolutely amazing! I used to use the body shop's tea tree oil face wash but i saw fafinette's video over her skin care so i thought i would get it and try it out. i love it! its soft on my skin and makes my skin feel hydrated, so now i have a new favorite facewash thanks to fafinette =)

    My bday is a little over a month away! february 11 baby! im thinking of going to kansas city for my bday since there isnt anything to do where i live. i so wanna move! cali would be nice haha but idk yet.. oh! i might have a bday giveaway since for my last bday when i turned 21 i wasnt really on blogger much but now that im trying to blog more, i can have one. gonna get ready now before the bf comes, going on a dinner date!

    ♥ shellieee


    Stephie said...

    hehe we're both in a decision crossroads, huh? if only we could get both bags...... ;)

    i'm really sorry about your juicy bag, did you try using stain remover on it? i love my juicy bag too and would be devastated if it were to get messed up.

    looking forward to hearing your decision on your bag though <3

    Musicalhouses said...

    I'm so sorry about your juicy bag! I love bags and it breaks my heart whenever one of them gets dirty...And on another note, happy birthday (waaay) in advance!

    Kellie said...

    definitely move to cali :):) !!! lol. except not right now, cause tornado warnings and trees falling and power outages and rain, thunder, and lightning. yuck! hahaha!! i think you should get the monogram just because it's more practical. spring is only three months long, u can prob wear it into summer, but in the winter it'll be back in its case!!! and im so glad ur blogging again because u totally disappeared awhile back AHHH! school huh. bleh hahaha! but HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!!!

    xoshellie said...

    Kellie - i might go to cali this summer on a roadtrip! im really excited and thank you for the early bday wish!