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    Wednesday, August 5, 2009

    Kansas City & other things..

    Over the weekend i went up to kc with my bff Thuy and friends for Thuy's bday and had a blast =) we went from friday to sunday and damn by the end of the trip my legs were so sore! Friday we got up there about 2pm and shopped for outfits for her bday dinner. We went to the country club plaza, oakpark mall, and legends then had dinner at this restaurant called Stix which was pretty good. I only had like a few pics from the bday dinner and pics of everything else is on thuy's camera so ill try to get those pics and post them later if im not lazy haha.. Saturday we went to worlds of fun basically the whole day and i actually went on all the roller coaster rides they had, whoo! it was sooo much fun and i LOVE roller coasters! Later that night we went out to the power & light district which is this place of about 40 bars and clubs and we went to this place called lucky strike and i've been there before and it's cool cause it has a bowling alley inside. Of course i called up my fam and friends who live up there to come out and party with us and they know how to party! Sunday we went to eat dim sum for lunch then did some more shopping at the country club plaza and went over to the legends right after that. Before i left for home i went to dave & busters with my fam and friends to eat and make plans for me to go up there again!
    Thuy(bday girl) Nikki and I

    So i did do a bit of damage to my wallet when i went shopping up there haha.. i dont feel like taking pics of anything i bought cause im lazy =) bought a cute tube top and dress from forever 21, went into abercrombie & fitch and got a jacket that was on sale for like 15 bucks! picked up a few things from the body shop but most of my damage was from sephora and guess! in sephora i bought MUFE HD foundation and primer, urban decay liquid liner in perversion and smog (it was on sale for $8! and i think it still is at, i ran out of too faced shadow insurance so i was gonna get that but they were sold out! so i bought the urban decay primer potion in sin and so far i really like it (minus the packaging cause i know how much product is in there but you cant get to it! gay!!) Guess... i bought the bf a dress shirt and tshirt and bought myself a really cute bracelet! so yeah now im broke! haha good thing my manager is giving me a lot of hours though.. like yesterday i worked nine hours!

    Today i realized that fall classes start in two weeks! and i was like what?! it seems like summer just started not too long ago and now were going back already.. sigh... time flies by so quickly idk where it goes! im taking 13 credits this semester but im thinking of taking another three although idk if i wanna do that to myself since im taking two science classes at the same time! is anyone ready to be back at school?! cause im not!

    Ok... sooo my stupid adobe photoshop froze on me and so i cant crop the rest of my pics or watermark them so ill just have to try again tomorrow or so. Damn i wanted to put up my pics of my new DSK Lux bracelets that i got when i came home yesterday!

    Shout Out to Stephanieee! i'm glad you got your love package! and i really love my new LUX bracelets! they are absolutely GORGEEEOOOUUUUSSSSS!!!!!!!

    p.s. hi new followers! and thank you for following me! haha mostly cause i think im boring =P

    xoxo shellie ♥


    DSK said...

    yay shoutout!!!

    You love rollercoasters, wooo
    I was brave enough to go on the Millennium Force at Cedar's such an adrenaline rush, isn't it??? I'm always scared at first, but after the first drop, I go crazy all waving my arms and stuff, haha crazy lady... >.< I am!

    You and your girls look so cute, all matching & hair looking fineeee, I love the 3 different shades of hair color, it makes the picture look perfect :)

    MUFE HD Foundation & Primer is LOVE, you will never love a foundation more! Do you use MAC Blot Powder or MAC Mineralized Powder to set your foundation? I find that the MAC blot powders works really well.

    !!! You need to try Bare Escentual Eyeshadow Primer! It's one of the best, I've used thus far, I've always been using UDPP, but I find my shadow stays on a lot better with the BE. I'll send you one!

    And I love how I just spammed your comment box, lol


    Steph <3

    Toothfairynotes said...

    Hey shellie!

    You girls look cute!

    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog!

    Have a nice weekend!


    DSK said...

    You are too funny, if I was your boyfriend I would tell you to wear the ones you already have! lol

    They're not one time use Shellie!!! :P

    Aren't boyfriends fun to talk with? lol it's funny how they think so differently from us!