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    Friday, June 26, 2009

    I might be moving...

    So... my dad got a job in dallas, tx and that means our family is moving down there BUT i dont really wanna move cause im still in school and i love my job plus all my friends are here! dont get me wrong i love dallas and i go down there every now and then but im not sure if i would want to move when i already have a good thing going here even though i hate wichita haha. i've talked to my mom bout staying and she doesnt mind if i stay back since my brother wants to stay too but my dad wants the whole family to move... soooo idk. my dad just went to vietnam with my brother so i wont know anything more bout the moving situation until he gets back...

    Im going to kansas city this weekend! we're gonna hit up the power and lights district for my friend's bday.. which reminds me that i need to go shopping cause i dont have anything to wear. im such a typical girl but who cares! i like to look nice haha who doesnt?! PLUS i get to hit up the cosmetics company outlet up there so im excited! time to find LE MAC products...

    On another note.. i got my DSK jewelry in! omg i loves it and i cant wait til the next order day! im gonna get the Lariat Purple Haze (scroll down to see it) but you guys should definitely check her out! she makes all the jewelry herself and does a wonderful job =). i bought my first necklace like two weeks ago and now im hooked! go support her now!

    and... ill leave you with this pic of my DSK jewelry order =)

    +// sorry the pic is super blurry but my camera isnt charged so this was taken with my iphone

    xoxo shellie


    FuN and MakeUp said...

    thanks for droppin by my blog =) have a wonderful n safe 4th of july!

    DSK said...

    ^_~ I'm glad you approve of Frank! lol

    Happy 4th babe!